2. Just to love and be loved in return

23-10-2012 22:04

I can’t remember what day it was, but I stepped into my car and drove about 125 km. My navigation showed me the way, otherwise I would never have found it. Once there I parked my car, walked into the garden towards the door, the slightly open curtains behind the door gave me a peek into the living room and there he was. Butterflies all over again but also felt a bit nervous,  like 16 again on a first date ;)

He opened the door to let me in, took my coat and offered me something to drink. After he walked out of the room I dropped myself on the red couch behind me and waited for him to get back. He came in with two glasses of red wine and sat down next to me where we talked for a while (hmm I guess I should say I talked) about the last time we met and how it made us feel. It didn't take very long before we started to kiss and pfffft it felt so good again! His arms holding me, kissing me so tender and sensual, it made my heart beat faster. I felt that he wanted more than just a sensual kiss but did stop him at first 'cause it wasn't my intention to let myself go. That’s something you would share when you're in a relationship and not just after you met someone once or twice, first wanted to get to know him. But it was a long time ago that I made love to someone and he was so damn hot that I couldn't resist, though did ask (told) him one thing before: "I also want this but you have to promise me one thing! After we made love and spent this evening together I do want to see you again, so not just have sex and that’s the end of the story.” I guess you know what his answer was.

We went on where we left and ended up in the bedroom where we had such a passionate night, never had been loved like this. After a few hours we were sitting on the couch again with a drink, it was already late and I didn't want to drive all the way home. He said that I could spend the night if I wanted to, and so I did. We already shared the bed in the most intimate way so that was not an issue anymore so I stayed ‘just to love and be loved in return’.

Next morning I woke up feeling so satisfied and happy, he was still asleep so I could watch him without being noticed. I kissed him softly, he opened his eyes and smiled at me. "Good morning" he said, “you're in for a cup of tea and some breakfast?”

We had breakfast, made love again and after taking a shower I left 'cause he had to go to his parents. I asked him when I could see him again, he said "I don't know, we'll see". I stepped into my car and drove home, feeling good and bad at the same time. Had such a great evening and night but felt very insecure about seeing him again. I knew I wanted to but wasn't sure he had the same thoughts about that. "We'll keep in touch" were his last words...


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