15. Vanilla morning, chastity nights, submissive end

20-02-2014 18:15

A few days ago I told my love to put on his chastity belt, and I locked it. Such a powerful feeling that he has nothing to say about his own feelings. Somethimes I need him to wear it because otherwise we enjoy making love every night or sometimes even twice a night. Nothing wrong with that, but it gives me a great feeling of power when he's not able to make love to me whenever he wants to. This morning I released him to enjoy his big and hard cock deep inside of me. After a few orgasms I stopped him and locked him again, he wasn t allowed to cum because I had other plans. He wasn't very pleased but always respects my domination and demands, so we just closed our eyes for a while and felt each others body. He was lying behind me and his hands were all over my body, I enjoyed that so much. When he touched my ass and stayed in that area with his hands I just wanted more, so I took his cock and made him slide into me just there. It felt so good and I was so horny that I wanted him to fill me up with all he had, so it ended in a great and intense orgasm. We took a hot shower, had some breakfast and started our day. 


We will end this day a bit different, because he will be in chastity again and this time it also will be for a few days. It will be different though, when I'm up to it he will put on his leather cuffs for me and from that moment on he knows he's totally mine! Obey and surrender time again. He knows he has to please me in every way I demand and if he doesn't....

..I will punish him until he does.



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