6. The start of something new

12-12-2012 19:45

It was on a Thursday that I received the keys to his chastity belt and with it, pffft, I got such a powerfull feeling. But I was also a bit (not just a little bit) insecure. On one hand I liked to be in controll over his body and feelings, but on the other hand I didn't really know what to do with all the things that crossed my mind...  I decided to let my thoughts take its course and just follow where ever it would lead me to, and so I did.


That Friday, after a hard day of work, the time was there to make myself ready for a pleasant and exciting weekend. I arrived at his place about eight, the front door was unlocked, and walked in his appartment. There he was, sitting on the couch just waiting for me, dressed in black see through underwear only, blindfolded & leather cuffs around his wrists and ankles, exactly as I had told him to do. On the table was a full glass of red wine and a few candles that lit up the room a bit. After I hung up my coat I , took a zip of my red wine and sat down next to him. I touched him softly while my lipps reached for his, I felt him trembling and noticed his extreme excitement and hunger for more. It gave me such a good and strong feeling to see him like this, waiting for me to do whatever would please me. While I was sitting on his lap he could touch me where ever he wanted to and I felt his hands all over my body. He couldn't see but felt my stockings, the suspenders to held them in place, under my short skirt, my string, breasts and I could hear in the way he was breathing that it  turned him on tremendously. After I finished my wine I took him by the wrist cuffs and lead him to the bedroom. There I asked (instead of command) him to lay down on the bed so that I could chain his arms and legs firmly to the bed. I undressed myself and left the bedroom for a nice warm and long shower while he wasn't able to do anything and could only wait for his lady to come back.


When I came back into the bedroom I got onto the bed to caress his long dark hair and kiss his warm and willing lipps again. I then took my time to put on some nice sexy lingerie and put on my black high heels. Still I didn't actually know what my plans were gonna be exactly, only knew that I wanted him to please me anyway I wanted, and as long as I wanted, and that was enough to get all feelings started.

First I took the nipple clamps and I knew very well how that felt so I thought "now it's your turn to suffer".  From his moaning I could notice that it did hurt, what also made me hessitate a little. I kissed and touched his body real softly for a few minutes, made him feel my body while he was still not able to see. Now the time had come to make him please me. I put my knees on each side of his head, lowered my body so that my sensitive parts touched his lips and his tongue started to do its job. I told him to do his very best and get me a climax otherwise I wouldn't release him. It didn't take long cause I was so horny and it felt so damn good.


I stepped off the bed, went into the livingroom and got myself another glass of red wine. Searched in my purse for the keys of his locked chastity belt and went back. After kissing him I released him from the nipple clamps what hurt him even more, unlocked his chastity belt and released his cock, which could hardly be released being so hard.

Because I really couldn't wait any longer I made him slide inside of me, grabbed his hands that were fastened to the bed and everything went the way I wanted, I was in charge. He enjoyed it so much and could hardly controll his own horny feelings which turned me on even more. I reached a few mind blowing orgasms right after each other, then took of his blindfold. He looked at me in a way I never saw before, it impressed me. I could see in his eyes how much he liked what he saw and felt. That moment I decided to let him have his orgasm, and when he did he almost 'exploded'. It was so intense that it even made me cum once again. Wow, what a climax!


Very pleased but also filled with feelings of hessitation and insecurity I did lay next to him for a while. Released him from his cuffs cause I needed his arms around me while all kinds of thoughts crossed my mind, not knowing that this was very much a start of someting new.

Nothing was more true...



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