Surrendered to Her - Part 5

13-05-2013 07:26

I must have slept long and very deep, the sun shining bright into the room made me waking up and I opened my eyes. I could hear the birds outside, but nothing else really. When I looked over to the other side of the bed I noticed that my lady wasn't lying next to me anymore, but that wasn't the only thing I noticed. I had very little room to move since my wrists were cuffed to each other and the bed end. And so were my ankles. The camera was pointed at me, and looking at how I was chained to the bed it didn't take long for my lady to notice I was awake and she entered the bedroom again. "You've slept long enough, now it's time to get ready again for your mistress" she said. Her vulnerability had disappeared and there was this determined and strict lady again, this time in just a short babydoll. So sexy, I could almost see her pussy.
Before I could even think or say a word she put a hood on my head and a gag in my mouth. Now I could only feel that she pulled the chaines towards the end of the bed so that I was straightened lying on by back. I felt something was pulled around my cock, a strap to force it standing up completely. My lady went out of the room to leave me there as her toy on a chain, ready to be used. Again it was only the birds I could hear, but not sunlight was reaching my eyes. The only thing I could do was waiting, waiting for my lady to get back..
I couldn’t move at all and it scared me but even excited me more. It seemed like hours before I heard my lady s footsteps entering our bedroom again, she was wearing her high heels again. I could only imagine cause couldn’t see anything and wasn’t able to ask her...
I felt my lady s hands softly touching my body and her warm sensual way of touching felt so good. Her tongue around my nipples and a soft but sensitive bite followed, it made my cock grow harder.
Her hair did slide over my body while she slowly followed her way down to finally let her tongue softly touch the top of my very hard strapped cock. She only used her tongue for a few minutes and did let my horny hard one slide deep into her warm mouth and did suck on it while she let it slide in and out. Felt so good that I almost did cum, she noticed and stopped immediately, laughed shortly and said very strict: Did I give you permission to cum?
She stepped from the bed and while her body almost touched mine I felt her clothes that were soft and sensual. She probably changed while she left me here chained on the bed. I could only gues or imagine what she was wearing and wished I could see her right now but not being able to see her and know what she’s up to did give me such a submissive and horny feeling that I didn’t want to mis for the world.
She opened a few drawers...

I could hear that sound, and was wondering wat she was taking out of it. Then she closed it again and came onto the bed again, and exchanged my gag for another one. It felt sort of the same, at least on my side, but I noticed soon enough that the other side was different. She turned around so that she could move her buttocks towards my head, and I felt that the other side of the gag went slowly into her pussy. She groaned heavily while moving slowly up and down. I was so horny right now, I wished she would sit on my cock instead, but unfortunately she used my head with dildo to enjoy.
The feeling of being used as her toy this way was humiliating, though turning on at the same time. She softly stroke between my legs, my balls, and just briefly my cock which was standing up yearning to get inside of her.. She was teasing me so much with it while going up and down letting the mouth gag dildo slide in and out her pussy. I could hear that she was enjoying it so much. Then suddenly I could feel her lips softly touching the head of my cock, which felt so incredibly good, and she slowly took it further into her mouth, while still moving up and down the dildo. It felt so good, I felt I was groaning heavily, but I would hardly be noticeable because of the gag and hood. Then all of a sudden she let go of my hard standing cock, and started groaning heavier which sounded so wonderful to my ears, to hear how I could please my mistress. It didn’t take long for her to reach a blasting climax. It went through her whole body while still being filled by my mouth gag.
"That's exactly the start of the day that I had in mind" she said, and stepped of the bed leaving me there with two standing cocks. I could hear her high heels leaving the bedroom. Again she just left me there being so horny but impossible to do something about it. I was completely hers again, a toy for her pleasure only, and it felt so good..

...but frustrating at the same time. Man, I was longing to slide into her pussy so much, it almost drove me crazy with that sexy image of her in my mind. This time she came back into the bedroom straight away. When she came onto the bed I could feel she was putting something around my torso, between my legs and around my cock. It was my chastity belt! She slided the long standing tube onto my cock which was shivering from that feeling, and fixed it all tightly together. I could feel how she slipped in the lock and pulled out. "I'll give you some room while I am away" she said, "but I wanna make sure you cannot touch yourself". She then took off my gag and blindfold and released me from the bed. "Here's some bread and water, behave yourself and wait for your Mistress." She left the bedroom, closed the door and locked it.
There I was, lying on the bed with only my wrist and ankle cuffs and my chastity belt, so not being able to touch my cock - which was so big and hard - while I had become so frustratingly horny. I could hear the front door slam and silence took over in the house, so my lady had left and I did not know how long I would have to wait for her to return home again..
When I opened my eyes I saw my lady standing right in front of me, I must have fallen asleep on the bed. "Why aren’t you waiting on your knees ready for your Mistress?!" She looked at me and I could see that she wasn't pleased with what she saw. I stuttered trying to come up with an excuse, but before I knew it she took my wrists, attached them together, put a leash on it and pulled me out of the bedroom to take me into the livingroom and forced me to kneel down where the punishment cross was lying on the ground. "Is it so hard to behave?!" she said while attaching my wrists, ankles and finally neck to the cross. I was now fixed in this very submissive position hardly able to move, and not looking forward to what could happen. My lady blindfolded me again, attached clamps to my nipples, and the chain between them to the block. I could feel the tension on my nipples, each little move was painful.
 "I decided to punish you for your behavior, so I will give you ten lashes for how I found you when I came home, and an additional five for the fact that you almost did cum when I was sitting on top of you this morning, so I could not continue giving myself pleasure with your hard cock." She stated: "I require dedication and discipline". Then it was quiet for a few seconds, which seemed to last forever, and out of nothing the riding whip hit my buttocks very hard. The instant pain was enormous and a shock went through my body. It made the chain on my nipples pull which enhanced the pain. I verbally reacted automatically to express the pain, but my lady seemed not to like it. "Did I give you permission to make noise?!" and directly put a gag into my mouth. She was so strict today, I had to concentrate on each tiny bit of my behavior, but it was too late for it now. She made herself ready to continue, and the second stroke came, and the third and fourth and so on..

The pain was so heavy, it made me very aware of how much she was in control over my body and mind. Nothing else was on my mind but thinking of my lady and how I could satisfy her needs from now on better than I had done. Nothing else would matter than serving my lady, total submission it would be..