Surrendered to Her - Part 3

09-05-2013 18:07


At seven in the morning the door opened again and I looked up hoping to see my gorgeous lady but no it was the man that left here yesterday night.... He looked me in the eye and had a grin on his face, walked straight to the cage and opened it. He took the lady out without saying a word, brought her to a little bench of wood  that was standing in the middle. He fastened her in every possible way and she was n t able to move or resist. He undid her from the blindfold and gag she had been wearing all night but she couldn’t see who she was dealing with she only could see me sitting here in front of her both not being able to move.

The man was standing behind her and loosened up his belt to let his trousers fall down till his ankles. He lifted her gown grabbed her by the hips and bent over to let his tongue touch her most sensitive parts real gentle. I watched her and could see that she enjoyed it, her upper body moved up and down while he was playing his game. After a while he pushed his big hard cock deep inside her, at first real slow but harder and harder, faster and faster and slow and gentle again. The lady was screaming it out and I could see her breasts go up and down what really turned me on big time  but every time she wanted to cum he stopped every movement, and punished her by grabbing her by the hair and neck to let her know that she wasn’t supposed to enjoy it. This went on until he was so excited and it seemed like he almost did cum, I could see that she was enjoying it but she didn’t make a sound cause she knew he would stop again and the feeling would float away....

He stepped away from her and walked around her only watching still not saying a word, I could see in her eyes that she recognized him and that she was pleased with that. He did kiss her on her mouth very gentle and whispered something in her ear, she smiled. He turned his back to me and made her suck his big hard cock that was already very wet and shiny by her juice that was all over his most masculine part. He enjoyed it so much and made her go on till he let all his seeds stream into her mouth, her eyes were filled with tears and she tried not to throw up but it was too much and she couldn’t swallow all. The moment he noticed he grabbed her head and pulled it backwards and made her swallow all he gave her and said her not to spoil a drop cause it had to be special to her that she was the one he gave it to..

I heard footsteps on the stairs and knew it was my lady, I recognized her by the sound of the high heels she had been wearing the day before. I was so happy to know that she was back, and that long night waiting had come to an end. The big metal door was opened and there she was, looking even more stunning than the day before.. or was it my mind playing with me as result of my lewdness, which - by now - had reached to such a level that my desire to fill her majestic pussy up with my extremely hard cock was indescribable. I could feel it so well against the inner side of the metal tube, which was big but completely filled up.

She walked up to me with a little smile on her face, enjoying to see me exactly how she left me, though with noticeable sexual desire. "hello my toyboy" she said, "today is the day that I will use you to the max for my pleasure, and if you obey and do well, you might get rewarded." "Yes my lady" I responded. "I did not ask you a question!" she stated and the look on her face changed to very strict, inexorable she gagged and blindfolding me again. 

I heard my lady walking up to the man, they talked to each other but I couldn't hear what they were saying, but it was noticeable that the girl, who was released from her position in the mean time, was taken back to her cage. Then I could hear the man walking up to me, he released the chain between my wrists and collar, put the leash on it again and directed me out of the cellar. Another metal door was opened, apparently there was another cellar next door. I was pulled inside and taken to a wall where I was chained to a big pole with my hands up above my head. The pole was covered with soft leather, but I could feel there were items attached to it. The man continued by attaching my ankles close to each other to the pole so that I wasn't able to move them at all. Then he attached a chain on the backside of my collar which was then pulled through the pole so that my neck was fixed to the pole as well. He continued by putting a wide leather belt around my waist which was fixed to the pole. I felt my freedom of movement was taken away completely bit by bit. The leather cuffs, which were put around my upper legs, were finishing off the effect. Then I could feel something being clamped on one of my nipples, as well as the other one. They were attached together by a little chain, so I could feel. It was hurting pretty much, but slowly the pain reduced to a bearable level. It seemed that the man was now looking at me judging his job. His eyes were scanning all the parts of my body, and how they were fixed, I could notice. Then suddenly he pulled slightly on the chain between the nipple clamps, the stabbing pain instantly was back and slowly faded way again after him letting loose. Then I could hear that another chain was being connected between that nipple clamps chain and the ceiling somewhere in from of me. The clamps were hanged under a slight tension resulting in an effect of any movement directly generating the stabbing pain again. By this I had to stand as still as I could to keep the pain bearable. The man walked out, closed the metal door, and left me with the result of his job. Again nothing but silence..

It must have been more than an hour, at least that's how it felt because I had no sense of time anymore. Especially now I was so aware of standing there tight up completely and not being able to move painless. But the silence and endless waiting ended by that door opening again. I heard the footsteps of my lady again, but she wasn't alone. "Stand right here" she said to someone else, and I could feel the warmth of somebody's body who was now standing right in front of me. Chains sounding again followed by the order "now turn around and bend over". Suddenly I felt something against the metal tube around my hard cock. It was pushed slowly and it seemed that the tube with my cock was going into someones body. It was hard to recognize because I couldn't feel allot, but suddenly I hear a groan. It was that same girl! Now I could also feel the soft and sensual material of her gown against my body, but I still didn't now if my metal covered cock was sliding up her pussy or her ass. She was ordered to slide up and down slowly but wasn't allowed to come still. She groaned heavily from ultimate pleasure, pain or a combination of both, I couldn't tell.

"Now suck my nipples!" I heard my lady say to the girl, and now also my lady started groaning, which sounded like music in my ears again..After a few minutes my lady started sounding like she was having so much pleasure, I didn't know why. I know how much she loves her nipples to be sucked, but this was different. She somewhat sounded like she was served in another way as well. But how? It made me wondering, and I had 'room' enough for wondering because I wasn't feeling too much to be 'preoccupied'. And I could now really listen to how much my lady was enjoying herself, and that was so nice to hear. It went louder and louder, and eventually she was brought again to a enormous climax. It must have been so intense, at least that's how it came across to me just being able to hear. Right after her orgasm I suddenly heard the man groan... so he must be serving my lady from behind! He was also about to cum, but then I heard my lady say "finnish it off". It seemed that my lady stepped out of the way and that the girl was forced to make him squirt again, with her mouth because my cock in metal was still inside of her. I could hear how he came and told her to swallow it all.

Directly after that the girl was taken off my cock and taken out of the room by the man. It was pretty much silent again. Was my lady still there? I could hear something but what was it..  Then I could feel a key going into my chastity belt, and out again taking the lock with it. My lady apparently was still there, she then slowly pulled the large tube off my cock which was so big and hard. A hand softly touched it and it made me shiver. Then the hand went away, and something else was touching the head of my cock. It was wet and warm, and it very slowly went over the head of my penis. It was.. it was... my lady's pussy! Man, finally!! My cock slowly went deeper, and deeper, until I was so deep inside of her, just an incredible feeling. "I want you to cum now!" my lady was commanding me. To feel my lady like this was heavenly great, so it didn't take long and I came as I never came before, shouting it out.

"You deserved this for now" my lady said and kissed me on the mount. It felt just so good. She then released me from the leather covered big pole I was tied to and guided me up the stairs, we went in a room where I was put on a big comfortable couch. My blindfold was taken off by my lady and I saw a very nice loungy room around me.  "Here, have a nice wine" she said and sat next to me.

"Did you enjoy it?" she asked me with a grin, already knowing the answer. "Well I did!" she already continued herself. We had our drinks and relaxed for a while with complete fulfilment....


To be continued...