Surrendered to Her - Part 2

04-05-2013 00:23


After a while I heard the sound of a lady stepping towards me. She released my chains and took me to another room and pulled me downwards forcing me to sit on a bench on my knees, had me bending over and chained my leather wrist cuffs between my legs to my ancle cuffs so that I hardly had any freedom of movement. Not knowing what was to come I sat in this quite uncomfortable position for a minute, then suddenly it was the voice of my lady speaking up: "Having to interrupt my pleasure, by having to put something around your cock for avoiding you to cum, is what you should be punished for." I felt something softly touching my buttocks knowing that it wasn't something soft. Then it left my skin but very soon to be followed by a firm stroke. My body reacted heavily because of the instant and brief tingle that went through it. The shout from pain, which was automatically generated by my mouth was muted by the gag. Then another stroke came, followed by another one and another one. "I will train you to behave better" she said, and stopped at ten strokes. The pain wasn't pleasurable but being under control of my lady so obvious turned me on big time. It was her way of letting me know that serving her for her pleasure only should be the only thing on my mind.
She unchained me from this unpleasant position, took out the gag and took me to her car again, and had me sit in it on my painful behind, again naked and blindfolded. We drove off, would we go back, or somewhere else? I don't know, my lady said nothing and I did not ask her and take the risk of having some more punishment that day.
The ride lasted for quite a while, longer than the first time so I assumed we weren't going where we started off that day. Suddenly we stopped, and I was directed out of the car. I noticed that we were somewhere remote, could hardly hear anything else than birds and a little wind through the trees. My lady attached a leash to both my wrist cuffs and pulled me to follow her steps. I could hear she unlocked a door, opened it and took me in. Through what felt like a big hall we went into something like a big room. She put me somewhere in the middle and attached my cuffs to a chain that apparently was hanging above me, walked off and closed the door of the room behind her.
Again time seemed like ages waiting for whatever was to come. Then suddenly the door went open again, someone came walking towards me, but it wasn't my lady. The person walked slowly around me, stopped in front of me. Then nothing, like he or she was observing how I was standing there, with my arms chained above my head. The walking slowly again and stopping behind me. I felt pretty vulnerable as this person could do anything and I wouldn't be able to resist, but it turned me on as well, my erection showed.
Then I felt a horse whip touching the inner side of my legs, followed by a few firm taps to make clear I had to spread my legs. Knowing that he/she would use the whip properly if needed, I obeyed. Then I felt this person was putting something around my waist, fixed it in front. A strap was being pulled between my legs from behind and with a special metal construction fixed in front as well. I felt a hand slowly and softly stroke my balls, then my cock, and it became more erected and very hard. Then all of a sudden a metal tube was shoved over my cock and attached to the front of the belt as well. I could feel it being locked and the person walked off. It was a chastity belt that was put tight around my middle and private parts, the cold metal was starting to warm up towards the temperature of my cock. But why this chastity belt, I thought, while I am chained up and unable to touch my pleasure parts anyway. As I was wondering why, the door went open again and I could hear my lady walking towards me. She whispered in my ear that I was going to be released, but in a very special way. I would be still under her control and this would be the case through the night to come.
She reached for my cuffs and released me from the chain above me, and pulled me with her out of the room, off the stairs into the basement where a big metal door was opened. She directed me into a very small room and told me to get on my knees. She attached the chain to my collar with a padlock so that I could just reach half way down towards my private parts. Then she took off my blindfold and I could see I was in a little cellar, with my lady standing next to me in her very feminine clothing, high heels, stockings, a short skirt, a see through blouse with a basque under it. She was such a beautiful and sexy appearance that she could see that I was being very pleased by what I saw.
She told me, again, that it's not about my pleasure, but hers, that if I could please her well enough that weekend, I would be rewarded. But only then! She kissed me on my forehead and told me that this is where I would spend the night. And that sometime tomorrow the indulgence of my Mistress would continue. "For now behave!" she said, and she walked out, closed the big metal door and locked it, and I could hear her walking up the stone stairs. I heard the front door closing, being locked and the door of her car slamming. Then the car drove away and it became very quiet. There was hardly any light. I saw a camera hanging in the corner, so I was being watched as I would be here spending the night, not being able to play with myself in any way. The night would be a long one..

The silence made me feel very uncomfortable cause it could take a long time before my lady would return and I decided to try and get some sleep but all the excitement in my body and mind made it hard to let go....My eyes became heavy as the time passed away, I could see on the clock right in front of me that it was already 3 at night.

The metal door went open with a loud sound and I opened my eyes that probably were to heavy so I did pass out for a while, A man walked in, in front of him the lady I already saw before, she was blindfolded he walked her to the other end of the cellar we were in, and did lock her up in a cage so she only had a little space of her own where no one could reach her besides her Master. She was wearing a nice gown that just reached to her knee s, her hands were tight up behind her back, her feet to each other and she was gagged .

I watched the man walk out of the cold cellar and the stroke of light that filled the room for a few minutes disappeared while he closed and locked the door again saying nothing....

I watched the lady at the other end of the cellar and tried to imagine what she was thinking about. I did wish I could talk to her that would made the stay and waiting a bit more comfortable but at the same time I felt guilty cause my lady made it very clear to me that none of this was for my pleasure but only hers so I accepted and closed my eyes again.


To be continued