Snow White and her 7 slaves Part 2

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The cages were designed so that it could be lifted off the ground. Snow White regularly ‘takes’ her slave as he remains locked in it, but then he is chained to the front bars, down on his knees, his arms spreaded far above his head, and his cock fixed and locked in a little pillory that is part of the cage between two bars. By this his hard cock is standing out of the cage as far as possible, perfect to be watched, perfect to be used. With the cage lifted up to the correct height, Snow White can easilly use the slave’s cock while standing with her bottom against the cage, or sitting in her comfortable queens chair with her legs up against the cage. Her slave will never be able to see his mistress this way as he would be looking down on her then, and that would disprove her dominance over him.


Snow White’s slave were blindfolded, but not always gagged, though if he could not speak to tell her that he is about to come – something he would never be allowed to do without Snow White’s permission – he had to make a clear groaning noise which she recognized as the same, so that she could stop her movements. If this would happen too soon she put a tight leather sheath over his hard cock, tied behind his balls, so that her slave hardly felt anything of her majestic pussy anymore, and she then continued with her pleasure activities. Sometimes she decided to start taking his cock covered with the leather sheath straight away, but than she had her reasons for it, often a kind of punishment for lacking performance or otherwise.


After her first climax Snowwhite would often stand back and enjoy watching her slave standing there, waiting for her next round. And her slave never knew when she would continue, sometimes she would use another slave in the mean time.  Many climaxes, is what she mostly was aiming for, intensivelly blasting climaxes. So her pleasure sessions could take a long time, and cause a have a slave in one position it was most convenient to combine different slaves in different positions during a session.

A slave in his cage, ‘cock raped’ through the bars, would mostly be demanded to orgasm at the end of the session. Snow White sometimes used her hands to masturbate her slave, with a sudden call for his seed within 30 seconds. Other times the slave got one wrist released and ordered to masturbate himself and orgasm within a certain time. Snow White would only allow her slaves to come in her pussy at the end of a session when they had earned it. But it was always her call and he had given time limit to reach his climax as she was always impatient. If he didn’t meet her time limit, he would not be allowed to orgasm at all and locked in his chastity belt again straight away for possibly another week.


Snow White was very strikt towards her slaves, performance was key and all had to go as she had in mind. Training therefor was a important part of the slaves’ program. Discipline and self-control, and following up Snow White's (minimal) orders immediately without any hasitation. And she loved to train herself, because than she could let her slaves cross the line, and punish them for the purpose, or just for her pleasure..


To train a slave to orgasm at Snow White’s command was something she enjoyed very much, as it often was hard for a slave to cum at her call. And Snow White enjoyed the punishment that would follow, as she could see the frustration of her slave in his eyes not to be able to be released, let alone orgasm, for an extensive period. Teasing the slave was making it worse, and it was her playtime.  But also immediate punnishment by being chained in a difficult and submissive position, and additionally being punnished with her favourite whip. Sometimes she would take the amount of seconds, that was ‘over’ her demand till his orgasm, as the number of lashes she would apply. Her slave would remember the next time what the impact was gonna be is he would not perform accordingly.


Other training would be command and execution, Snow White would use her finger to command her slave with minimal effort. Having a list of tens of commands she would go through it time and time again till the slave would got it all right. Each fault or hesitation would end up in a instant lash from her whip, which was the tool she would always carry with her..


To be continued......


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