Snow White and her 7 slaves Part 1

07-11-2014 20:21




Sweet as she always looked, with her beautiful and sensual appearance, as strict and demanding she actually was, but that was behind her lovely face. No one would see that side of hers just like that, it was her best kept secret. Only her slaves actually knew, they experienced the true mistress in Snowwhite, on a daily basis. Some of her slaves, there were seven in total, were kept in individual cages. Small but big enough for them to stand up straight, or lay down to sleep if they curled themselves up a bit, and some in small cellars which the remote castle had plenty.


The slaves, one for each day of the week, had no ability to communicate as they were hidden away from each other. They knew they were not alone, because being in their cage or cellar, they often could hear noises from elsewhere in the castle. The unmistakable and heavenly sound of groaning from their mistress, sometimes combined with some male groaning. And Snowwhite occasionally would treat herself a pleasure party with more than one slave at the same time. They somehow knew it, but could never see each other because they were always blindfolded or hooded, so no one knew how many other slaves she actually kept.


It was always a surprise what she was up to each day, or night. The only thing the 7 slaves knew was that once a week they could be used for Snowwhites pleasure, either being in their cage or cellar, or elsewhere in the castle, which was large and unknown for them. Their way through the castle was always without sight and necessarily lead by a leash. The weekly release was no guarantee, but as they were wearing chastity belts whole week through they were dying to be released at least for a moment to please their one and only mistress. A week in chastity would make them extremely horny and willing to do anything to provide her the pleasure she needed. And she needed pleasure allot because her need for sexual satisfaction was insatiable, therefor full dedication of her slaves to satisfying her needs was what she demanded of them. And there was no resistance, she would not accept any, as the price was high. If the performance of a slave would not meet her demands, punishment would follow, additionally to an extended period of chastity.


Additionally to their chastity belt, the slaves were wearing leather wrist and ankle cuffs and a neck collar, all locked with padlocks and by that they had become an undeniable part of their body. And sometimes a blindfold or hood, but then their wrists were chained to a belt around their waist, so that they would never be able to take it off. Snowwhite loved to chain her slaves in submissive positions, not too comfortable, as she liked to watch them being so submissive to her. And that submissiveness is what always turned her on so much, having her slaves ‘around her finger’, and always ready to serve and do as she wanted. It gave her that feeling of being on top of the world, being so powerful and fully in control.


Being so sweet in the outer world, outside the castle, everyone was always very kind to her. But on top of that, this was what she really needed..  full dedication of her seven slaves, each day, each night, every minute of the hour. That’s the way she wanted it..


To be continued.....

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