Pleasure and Pain

05-03-2014 21:48

Hmmm I enjoyed last week while I had my boy in chastity. The biggest turn on for him, not knowing what's going to happen and when and for me the feeling of such great  power. To be in control of the whole situation and see and feel the influence it has on my submissive boy, I love it ! To fullfill his needs by demanding and make him serve me the best he possibly can, but on the other hand that' s not the most important knowledge for me. When I'm in control he has to do whatever I tell him to and he always obeys  because we're also such a perfect match in our BDSM minded part of our relationship. 

No words needed, only my whip so every now and then. ;)

After a few days of chastity I released him. The last time I did  we ended up making vanilla Love as you already know if you have been reading along here. So this time I saw the twinkle in his eyes while I opened his chastity belt. But this time no weakness in me, I felt stronger than ever before. I already had  his cuffs nearby with the little padlocks, I made him kneel before me while I was sitting on the bed. After that I took his head and pulled it between my legs. Ordered him to give me his wrists one at a time, made him turn around and did the same with his ancles so I could easily cuff them.  I took him to the bathroom and said with a firm voice: "Fresh up for your Lady" and he did while I watched. When ready he had to go and dress up for me, I wanted him to wear the leather belt body and black shine through boxer and shirt above. I wanted him to wait for me in the cage, blindfolded and on his knees with his head between his arms. I could see every move he made following it by cam, while sitting on my couch in the livingroom. After 15 minutes I entered the room and saw him on his knees in the cage, he forgot one thing..... he wasn't blindfolded. I told him to put his hands on his back and locked both padlocks from his cuffs to each other so he could'nt move. I did ask him why he forgot, but he couldn't give me an answer that satisfied me and I already had my next step in mind. I left him there for another 15 minutes or even more, I  changed into a nice black shine through kimono and my black torselet and I prepared the livingroom so I could do to him what I had in mind, for me pleasure, for him....


to be continued.....


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