Pleasure and Pain 2

07-05-2014 21:38


You have to read part 1 before you go on here... It all started after a few days of chastity ....
So I left him in the bedroom and went to the livingroom  to create the settings I needed to fulfill my needs. Went back to him and fastened a leash to his collar and told him with a firm voice that he had to follow me. I wanted him to crawl so I used my whip to control every movement he made and I wasn t easily satisfied. I wanted him to be as close to the ground as possible, as low as he could get. In the livingroom I fastened him to a heavy medieval cross made of wood, his head down, feet and hands chained to it so no movement  possible. He was blindfolded and didn't knew what I was upto, I took my whip and started to work on that disobedient ass. I was so disappointed that I couldn't stop untill his ass turned red, he screamed but I didn't care and it had no influence on my behavior towards him.  I told him that in future he must NEVER  forget to do as I asked, otherwise it would be so much worse than tonight. 
His uncomfortable position made him moan, he suffered enough (for now) I took the pins out of the rings that made sure he couldn't move, ordered him to stand up for his Lady. He hardly could stand because he was in that very submissive position for so long, I took him by leash into the bedroom again and fastened him to my totem, still blindfolded. First his hands high above his head to the pole, his collar with a chain through the pole and fastened at the backside as tight as possible. Around his waist a big belt that is also a part of the pole, around his legs  2 smaller belts and last but not least his ankle cuffs by chain through the pole and fastened very tight just like his collar.

Now it was time to enjoy his big and hard cock !

I strapped it and brought it in the position that made it easy for me to let it slide inside my wet pussy. I took of my shine through kimono and was only wearing my black torselet, my stockings, hold ups and very high heels. I turned my back towards him and used the only thing that was important to me.

Enjoyed that ride as long as I wanted and after half an hour of pleasure in different positions I told him to fill me up immediately and he, as submissive as could be did what I told him to do, as a good boy should. After that explosive moment I took him from the pole and sat down in my big blue queens-chair, made him kneel in front of me on the cold floor, undid him from his leather blindfold and gave him the opportunity to look at me. I could see in his eyes that he loved what he saw. Only for a short moment, enough I said ! Head down, I fastened his collar to the ring from the seat of my chair so his head was in the position I preferred most. Now clean it up, I want no seed left so eat it all, your tongue as deep as possible and keep on going until I tell you to stop.

He started  licking my wet and sperm filled pussy, I enjoyed it very much and had a few orgasms. Enough I said after ten minutes and pushed his head away, after a 'thank you so much  my lovely Mistress'  I released him from  his cuffs and his collar, kissed him softly on his sweet obedient mouth and he knew we were vanilla again.  Time for a sweet glass of wine and  time to relax on our big red couch.....




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