My rules

09-09-2015 14:29
Without my consent you will never touch Me.
You will always meet Me on time.
You will greet Me humbly.
You will always make sure that your position is such that you look up at Me.
You will be well groomed. No excessive hair growth, no dirty nails, no body odours.
You will wear your Chastity Belt when I instruct you to.
You will not speak, think or act on your own accord during a session. You will first seek My consent for this.
If W/we move in public together, you will show Me your good manners: you will for example carry My bags and open the doors for Me.
You will always find ways to amuse Me and you will perform the tasks I set for you fully devoted.
I appreciate your suggestions and initiatives as long as add value. So don’t push your luck.
Your wishes and desires are secondary to Mine.
Your life is devoted to making My life comfortable. Consider every day what you can do for me.
You cannot deny Me anything, but you can always refuse to be My slave.

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