3. Friends with benefits

24-10-2012 17:51

It took a few weeks before we met again, he was very busy with all kinds of things but when we finally picked a day I was happy as a child can be. The time we spent was great, we had fun, great sex and as the time passed by we actually became very good friends. We saw each other almost every fortnight and most of the time I only stayed there for one night and left after breakfast or brunch. 

Till one Sunday morning when he asked me if I already had seen that great concert of a band we both love so much. "Nope" I said and he turned on the TV and started playing the music DVD. While I was watching he started to do some things he needed to do for himself and I thought ok, where is this change coming from. Normally he wants me out again after breakfast so he can do whatever he was up to, but that day was different.

There was no pressure and I felt at ease more than usual. Don’t get me wrong, I always loved being there with him but in the morning I always knew I had to go again while I wished I could stay longer. From that day on, the weekends became longer and instead of arriving on a Saturday evening around eight I would arrive at six to have diner together, and left Sunday evening as late as possible and sometimes I already was there on Friday so we could spend two hot and sensual nights together.

Still it was a weekend every two or three weeks while I actually wanted to see him every weekend if I had the chance. I guess he knew that and we talked it over when I asked him about his thoughts. He made me very clear that we could have a sexual relationship, but nothing more for now, currently there was no space in his life for anything more than ‘friends with benefits’. At home I thought that over again and again and thought I've got nothing to lose so if it can’t be more let’s just give it a try and enjoy what I do have, instead of feeling sad for what I couldn’t have and wished for. On the other hand I knew I was blocking all the other possibilities for myself because when I give myself to someone my heart is with that person only and there's no room for new love. I decided to enjoy as long as it did satisfy me and could handle this situation without getting hurt. Making love to him was heaven on earth, he made me feel so special and loved.

I knew he had a thing for BDSM because there were some things I discovered in the house not knowing what it was for. I made a joke about the two rings mounted to the ceiling: “You could chain someone up there ;)”. I laughed a bit, but he actually responded more serious by saying that that’s what those are there for. It opened a conversation about this subject, and after a while he showed me things and told me all about it. He also asked me if I had ever done something in that style. My answer was “no”, had only been chained to the bed once and being blindfolded. Athough it was exiting, I didn't have a thing for it really, otherwise I would have known it by now, at least that’s what I thought. But I noticed that as he was telling me about all kinds of aspects of it, the subject intrigued me still..


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