4. So there I was, blindfolded, cuffed and chained

28-10-2012 13:57

A few weeks went by before I went over to his place again. We first got out for a bite as we often did, talked a lot about all kind of things and enjoyed each others company as usual. At home we drank a few glasses of wine and it might be no surprise: we ended up between the sheets again, only this time it was different.

The last time we spent the weekend together, and being intrigued by him telling about how he was seeing BDSM and what it meant to him, I noticed that some thoughts made me very horny. I had become curious and asked him out of the blue if he could tie me up once and do whatever might please him. I wanted to know what it felt like to give up control to him somewhat. "That's ok, I might… some day." was all he said.

But now that 'some day' had come. As soon as we had arrived at his place he blindfolded me straight away, and took me to his bedroom. He then put me on the bed and removed all my clothes and replaced it for things I could not see but only feel. When he was finished he said with a low and somewhat unfriendly voice: "Stand up now and put on your high heels." He gave them to me and when I got up from the bed I could feel that I was wearing some lingerie with stockings and suspenders. While I was standing there, he then put some leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles, took me by the hand and after a few steps he stopped, turned me sideward and commanded me to put my hands high above my head. The excitement of not being able to see or know what was going on created some mixed feelings: 'fear' for the unknown that was to come, but on the other hand I was overwhelmed by excitement and couldn't wait for him to continue.

I could feel that I was standing with my back against a big wooden pole, it was partly covered with leather and had all kinds of facilities to fasten someone in different positions. He fastened my wrists cuffs together and to a chain above my head so they could not change position. I had to spread my legs and I could hear him doing something but could not figure out what. But I noticed soon enough that I could just stand the way I did and was not able to move my feet at all. My ankle cuffs were fixed while my wrists were high up above me, so no escape possible.

So there I was, blindfolded, cuffed and chained with my legs spread, not knowing where this would lead to, but my imagination was making me so excited. I heard him grabbing something on the other side of the room, it sounded like a little chain. He kissed me and touched my nipples. After that I felt a pain what was indescribable, there was something on my nipples and I didn’t like the way it felt at all. The pain faded away somewhat but as soon as I moved my body a little it would hurt straight away again. He walked out of the room and I stood there for maybe half an hour or more (wasn't sure but it felt like ages). Suddenly I felt something between my legs, didn't hear him coming into the room but felt his hand touching me which felt so incredibly good and made me groaning. He suddenly stopped and slided something inside of me, and walked out again. There I was, waiting again, and one thing I new for sure now, once blindfolded minutes seem to feel like hours..

After a minute or..  I knew what he did slide into me, a kind of egg shape vibrator that he had triggered with a remote. I don’t know where he was but knew pretty sure that he wasn't in the same room. It felt heavenly and almost made me cum, probably he could hear me cause every time I almost did, it stopped. This went on and on for some time, my nipples were hurting because the pleasure I received made me my body shiver. I was longing for him to release me from whatever it was on my nipples. I felt like I was sort of punished for it being so horny. Quite some mixed feelings.

Suddenly I felt his soft and warm lips kissing me, his hands caressing my body till I shivered. He unchained me and I actually thought we were going to bed now and make passionate love. But no, he only turned me around and chained me again, released me from whatever was on my nipples and pffffft it then hurt even more.

His hands went all over my body slowly downwards and stopped between my legs, a few fingers slided inside of me. I groaned again heavily and felt how wet I already was. He then pushed his big hard strong cock with a firm move deep inside of me, and it almost made me cum immediately but he stopped just in time. He continued and I could hear that he was enjoying himself very much, I was his toy and he could do whatever he was up to. Every time he pushed hard, it hurt a bit because his cock was so big, but it also felt so incredibly good, right on the edge of pain and pleasure. After a while he unchained me and commanded me to lie down on the bed, again I thought that he would be tender again like I was used to. He undid me from my blindfold so I could finally look into his beautiful green eyes, kissed me grabbed my hands and chained them to the bed. He also chained my feet the same way and again he used me any way he wanted until I saw him reaching such a heavy orgasm.

That night was my first ‘real’ BDSM experience, and it was such a pleasant one. With excitement, pleasure, teasing, fear, pain (I’d say torture).. a true multidimensional experience. Afterwards we talked all things over, about what we did and what effect it had, physically as well as mentally, before we eventually went to sleep, many hours later.

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