1. Every story has a beginning

22-10-2012 19:05

It all started about a year ago when I met this very good looking guy that made my heart beat faster from the first moment we met.

After being so disappointed in relationships (again) I thought I’m done with this, gonna be happy with myself now without any commitments. But after a while when I felt a lot better I did what I never expected to do and before I even knew I was surfing on the world wide web and had profiles on several dating sites. Must say that most of it was crap, I did have some nice chat/email contacts but never felt like wanting to meet them. Maybe I was too scared or I wasn't interested enough.

So I deleted my profiles except one because I just wanted to take a last look around, and there I saw his profile. His photograph was very very nice, such a handsome guy with a smile that makes you melt. I read his profile which also was very interesting and thought let’s give it a try and let him know that I was eager to know more about him. I doubted for a while 'cause I thought that he would never respond, but now I'm so glad I did...

After a month of email and phone contact we decided to meet each other. I had a great evening and when we said goodbye he kissed me, pffft butterflies all over. You know what they say when a man is able to kiss like that.

On my way back in the car I kept thinking about how this all made me feel and could only hope that he felt the same way too, or at least was interested enough to meet me again.

We called each other once a week or less and after a few weeks he invited me to his place.


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