11. Fantasies and triggering thoughts

04-05-2013 12:34


After knowing all that I needed to know it was time to ease my mind, thougts kept crossing my mind. What do I feel, why, what do I want, what does he expect/need,  what's triggering me most. Just had to let it go and follow my feelings I guess, so that's what I did. Still lot's of things were running through my mind and one evening I thought let's write things down and see what that might bring me. I crawled into his mind, started writing from his point of view and must say it felt so good to let my thoughts go. I read it over a few times and decided to send it to my love as a little surprise which he liked very very much. After his enthousiastic reaction I asked him to continue the story and so we did write together for a few weeks and triggered each others mind more and more.



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