Do as you should or..... !

23-01-2016 22:16

A good sub should obey and  follow up all the orders of his Mistress and I mean all !  Most of the time he will understand her without words. If not he needs to be punished in a way it pleases Her ....



I love to make him wear female  lingerie, stockings & high heels. I feel the need to make his masculine change into feminine. One day when he just got home after work I told him by tekst message to change his  clothes into feminine clothes and wear his high heels . He had to prepare diner for me (us) and diner was lovely  so I decided that he also was alowed to have diner with his hands and on the ground, Suddenly I discovered a hair on my plate and it was not mine. I was so angry and for the first time he had to go outside on his high heels, dressed like a woman to drop some mail into the mailbox a few streets from where we live. His shoe s are locked  with little padlocks so no escape possible ! For proof he had to make a photograph while he was standing next to the mailbox. I promised him that if this would ever happen again I will send him to the supermarket to get some food or a bottle of wine.


Tonight I locked him up in the cage for almost an hour and after that I made him change in female lingerie. I told him to undo my nails from the polish and polish them again properly so they look beautifull again. Before polishing I first wanted a good foot massage and while he is doing all I order him to I am writing this little blog and enjoying the weekend. 



Tomorrow or Monday it will be time for punnishment hour because I got a whole list,  but he will learn from it and will become a better slave every day.




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