I Love Chastity

07-10-2014 20:21

My toyboy has been in chastity for over a week now, I only used him a few times for my own pleasure as you can see in my previous 2 blogs. I just love having full power over his sexuality and this feeling grows as days go by. During a chastity period, so when he is wearing his chastity belt (the Fetisch Felix CS-100 with security bow, extremely sturdy and safe) I am totally in control over his physical sexuality during that time. Also certain rules apply. Him being in chastity for a period suppresses his ability to do anything with his sexual arousal, and him being aware of this state will even increase this effect. But during that period he is not allowed to seduce me in any way. He needs to behave and passively await the moment that I initiate an intimate, sexual and/or BDSM phase. In the mean time he has to wear appropriate clothing (no jeans!) and sexy underwear. Although we do not have a 24/7 BDSM lifestyle, I do have the abililty to put him in chastity at any time I want, so you can say we have a 24/7 potential chastity lifestyle. A chastity period does not necessarily turns into a BDSM setting, but this is what I most of the time love to do: playing with my toyboy, tease and torture him while his sexual energy has built up over time to a very high level.


So once I have commanded him into submissiveness, and he is wearing his cuffs and collar locked with my padlocks, I own all of him, his body, his thoughts and each move he makes. Totally sumbissive and obedient to my will and commands with his eyes down. When he has the luxuary of not being tied up in a position with very limited movement or locked away in the cage, he is right at my feet, down on his knees, face down to the ground.

When I am not at home he sometimes has a bit more freedom to move around, although he is never allowed to leave the house without asking and I have to be able to reach him 24/7. Underachievement will always be followed by punishment to make sure he won't make any mistake twice.


 When I woke up at 6AM this morning I snapped my fingers twice and he knew what he had to do. It's all been written in the Sub Rules Agreement that he undersigned. So he got got up immediately, put on his wrist and ancle cuffs and handed over his collar to me which I put around his neck and locked it with one of my padlocks, followed by padlocking all other cuffs. After he was cuffed and locked he stayed in his most submissive position and waited for further instructions. I made him lie down on one side and chained him to the bed, hands together, feet together with his back towards me so he was not able to look at me. I went to the bathroom and returned back on high heels so that I knew that he'd be alert, and went back into bed. Knowing that he would be hoping to expect me to start playing with him, instead I started playing with myself with my fingers and reached a great orgasm. Whithout him knowing I changed his alarm from 8.30 to earlier and fell asleep for another hour.


When his phone alarm went at 7.45 I disabled it without a word and turned around again. After 15 minutes of no activity or movement from my side he became very restless and kept moving. I know he had an important meeting this morning and that's why I was enjoying myself even more. He didn't know I changed his alarm to earlier so he thought he was running out of time.

But then he did something I didn't expect, his phone was within his reach and he picked it up, just to look at the time. I grabbed his head and roughly turned it towards me, asked him firmly where his mind was at this moment. "I only wanted to know what time it is my Mistress"  he answered. I ordered him to get in position 'submissive bed' and he obeyed directly as he should. I took my whip and made him feel very sorry that this action even crossed his mind. It' s all about trust and he still has a lot to learn but believe me, he will. I stepped into my bed again and forced him to give me some good oral satisfaction as he did. After that we had a nice breakfast and started our day. Him still in chastity, keeping his sexuality in my hands. How I love denial of his orgasm, how I just love chastity!


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amarcord | 06-11-2014

I can imagine this having been a very hard test for him (the alarm on the phone). Feeling loyalty and obligation towards his work, but of course in the first place towards You. And being under your comtrol completely.

I can understand that he looked at the phone for the accurate time, and unwillingly put himself in the position where You could teach him something.

Very beneficial and cunning of You to create this situation! And a nice read, to! :)


Konijn04 | 10-10-2014

To have the honour to be the submissive slave of Miss Bridget is truly a dream come true. Being able to serve her like this, being humiliated for her pleasure is worship. It takes probably a lot of learnings to be allowed too....

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