9. Submission and Chastity

17-04-2013 13:47

Her submissive toyboy wrote:

So this unexpectedly had turned in a complete other direction, me being Her sub, I never expected it to turn out this way, and above all after some time now, how quick things could develop on Her side. Someone can have submissive feelings as I've been having a major part of my life, and being conscious about it for most of it. But for someone who just discovered Her dominant feelings, my Mistress has developed Her dominant feelings into real Mistress' skills so expeditious! I know from the times being in the dominant position that not only knowledge of your own feelings, also insight into your subs' mind and physical state, self-confidence and knowing how your attitude and actions will come across and work out at your sub is important, not to speak knowing very well where the (safety) boundaries are. You can tell from how things have developed that this big dominant side of Hers had been covered just under the surface for too long just waiting to be released..


What would Submission be without Chastity?

It was clear that from that moment She would be the Dominant, my Mistress, and I would be Her sub, or Her submissive toyboy as we call it since. Not a 24/7 BDSM relationship, because we highly believe in equal rights and mutual respect in a relationship with lots of love, caring and sensual vanilla sex as well, but a relationship with the ability for Her to enforce chastity upon me, and me serving Her in her Dominant needs, at any time. And that would never change. Submission goes hand in hand with Chastity, in our vision submission means at the least that one hands over power and control over his or her sexual pleasure. This for one purpose only: to put the pleasure and satisfaction of his/her Dom far above anything else, and make his/her own needs totally subservient to it. So to us, chastity is an essential ingredient in BDSM. And the Dom being in charge, chastity should be enforced on the sub with no ability to cheat.


And with the chastity cages I had at that point just not being good enough, we soon purchased another chastity device for me. I had a metal Tickleberry's Sentinel chastity cage, but it was not providing 100% guarantee against escape, very heavy, and could be uncomfortable to wear. Those moments my private parts being at the smallest it was simply to loose on my body. The CB6000 was the same security-wise, and when growing an erection it could stand out somewhat, which was just not acceptable. So my Mistress wanted something better that I could wear for an extensive period, under clothing, with no possibility to escape or even grow a proper erection. An erection should effectively be denied at all times. Whatever it is, my Mistress is very demanding if it comes to secure locking, She wants to rule out any possibility to escape, sabotage or fake, no matter what. Only then She has that necessary feeling of completely being in control, and not just playing a game. And it works the same for myself. After all, feeling submissive and being dedicated to the will of your Superior is all about handing over control and therefor zero ownershop over your body and mind.

A chastity belt that meets all criteria is one like the Felix Fetish CS100. It's ergonomic, fits very tight around your body and with the additional security bow going between your legs, connecting the front shackle to the belt on your back, there is absolutely no escape possible. This is such a fine piece of engineering from Germany.

My Mistress is very strict and accepts no playing with myself or whatsoever. The fact that I normally don't play with myself very often is not relevant to Her, She just wants total control over my pleasure. But wearing the chastity belt makes me so aware of sexually being under Her control, just that turns me on so much, letting my cock grow that little bit the metal tube allows me to, and just makes me wanting to respond. Not being able to is sexually frustrating, but that is exactly the effect She is aiming for. It is triggering me to fully obey my Mistress and do anything to obey and satisfy Her needs so that eventually, when she feels like, my reward is release and maybe even a final relief of what has been saved during the chastity period.


Remote control

I wear my chastity belt for my Mistress with pride, being her submissive toyboy, anytime She wants, anywhere, and for any length of time whatsoever. It is my Mistress only, who controls my sexuality. While She is away for several days of the week, she can remotely command me to put it on by just a single text message. The key of the advanced locking device of the chastity belt  -  and other lockable stuff  -  is locked away in our bedroom in a small cabinet by one of Her five resettable combination padlocks. The other four padlocks are in a specific order inside the cabinet as well. For locking my chastity device She provides me temporary access to the key by texting me the four digit combination of the actual locking padlock. Under Her strict supervision with an internet camera pointed at me I then have to put on the chastity belt. After I have locked the chastity belt I return the key back into the cabinet which is being closed with the next one of the by Her resetted combination padlocks that are stored in the cabinet. My chastity for Her is a fact. From that moment I know where I stand, and what might happen when She returns home...


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