7. From Her toyboy point of view

19-12-2012 20:59

It was such a surprise to me - Her submissive toyboy - I never expected how things would turn just how they did in the past year.

Coming out of a previous relationship, I had no intensions of getting seriously involved with someone new. Wanted to date though, to have fun, but not much more than that. I still had to get over the pain of what those difficult few years had brought me. But I got to know this lady who was so feminine and sexy. I felt attracted to her, and the kissing was a start of our sexual relationship. But I noticed soon that we had a very good ‘click’ and that she was such a wonderful person. A ‘friends with benefits’ relationship was born.  

Not knowing that she felt so much more for me than I would see and accept at that time, we spent some good times together. After a while she discovered my passion for BDSM by seeing some specific items in my house. I’ve been having BDSM feelings since I was a teenager, but I put it into practice only years later during my relationships, mostly by being the 'Top' because the girls I was having relationships with mainly had more or less submissive feelings. I enjoyed that role, but my nature was actually more 'Bottom' than 'Top', my deepest fantasies were mostly about me in the position of being dominated, tied up, and used for her pleasure. Maybe, knowing from their feedback, that’s why I could adapt so well to my female Bottoms during the games, I new quite well how their mind worked and what turned them on and why. I guess that’s a great advantage of being a ‘Switch’, although you can never deny your true inner BDSM feelings.


Anyway, the lady I was dating with now, was showing some interest in my BDSM experience and the items I had used. I was very open about it, as I always am if people ask me about it in a serious way, and told her things but being not showing too much of my enthousiasm. I didn't want to come across pushy in any way and talk her into it. I think that’s something that always must come naturally, from being triggered mentally and sexually by some essential aspects of it. So if that would happen I would notice it, and I trusted on that. At a certain point she told me that she had done a little bit of bondage before in her previous relationship, but very low level compared to the things I had told her about my experiences.

But then she told me that she actually would like to be dominated by me some time if I was up for it. I looked at her to see if she was serious about it. I had not expected her to come around like this, so sudden and so soon. After all, it's not 'just something'. But she was serious about it, so I agreed but with slight hesitation. After the passionate love making we had done so far this was a very specific turn in the relationship we were having.


But not much later after that weekend, the idea had turned me on quite a bit and I told her that it would happen next time she would see me. In the mean time I explained some basic rules to her to make sure  it would all remain safely within certain borders. One or two weeks later, when she came to my place again, I blindfolded her soon after her arrival and took control over her body by chaining her, and played with her mind and pleasure. I saw that she gave up control quite easily, so she trusted me. I noticed that some stuff was turning her on big time, but I kept on checking her signals to make sure it was all fine. That night I didn’t go too far but it was a nice game of ‘tease & torture’. Afterwards we talked about how she experienced it. It seemed to have triggered her quite a bit and it was very different in a positive way than the times she had experienced before. Many hours later we fell asleep being very satisfied.


The following week was so intense from texting sexual messages to each other, it made us both being turned on almost all the time. When she asked me at a certain point to not play with myself and save my seed for our next date, the thought triggered me on in a way I knew so well. I actually thought of the chastity device I still had but hadn’t used for a long time. More or less being a joke I told her that there’s only one way to make sure I wouldn't be playing with myself, and that would be using a chastity belt. Such a thing was completely new to her, so I gave her a something to google on. Then she surprised me by asking me to put it on and send her the keys. I knew that as soon as I had sent her the keys of the padlock, I would be locked away from playing with myself for the rest of the week. Did I really want this? Well, the thought was such a huge turn on that I just had to agree. So I told her I would do it. Directly after the phone call I put my private parts in my chastity device, a Tickleberry Sentinel, locked it with a padlock and put the keys (main and spare) in an envelope and sent it to her that same afternoon.


The following days were long, and exciting. Because her text messages became more and more SM style. And more specific, femdom style, especially after she had received the envelope with the keys. She was actually turning our roles completely 180 degrees towards that weekend to come! The day of her arrival, just before she left off towards my place, about an hour drive, she even ordered me to await her arrival in a submissive way - inclusive wearing the leather cuffs she had been wearing earlier - around my wrists and ankles, and blindfolded. What the hell was happening here? I wasn’t totally sure, but I liked it… very much indeed!


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