22 november 2014 Castle Event Paris

29-09-2014 21:22


A majestic palace, not far away from Paris, surrounded by impressive gardens, the ultimate embodiment of a french castle, already dignified kings used it as their retreat, is going to be the setting for our second to last party in year 2014. Once more our sparkling nights will awake a glimpse of famous ages long gone. All rooms are tastefully renovated without disturbing the castle's unique character, the famous french kitchen is completing the offer.


No other european city offers this many sights as the city of love, only the night life would worth a visit. Also Paris is a shopper's paradise of local and international brands. The french way of living and the slogan "liberty, equity and fraternalism" are not only words but pulsate through the streets, bars and clubs.


Venetian masks are obligatory and can be ordered in our online-shop in advance or can be bought at the box office. The gentlemen are going to appear in a tuxedo or with a dark suit with or without a tie. Ladies are going to appear with an elegant evening- or cocktail dress, also with nice lingerie or suspenders. Elegant shoes are also obligatory on our events.