12. Remote control

08-05-2013 12:04

By Her submissive toyboy:

Just a text message from Her, on a Tuesday evening while She's away for a few days, is what I receive. Just a message from Her telling me to put on my chastity belt, leather wrist and ankle cuffs and collar straight away. Eventhough we have been in our normal 'equal' relationship setting I know I have to act directly. That is how it is written in our Rules List. The internet cameras in the livingroom and bedroom will show Her my moves so no cheating possible.

I walk up to the bedroom and undress myself completely, put on all cuffs and collar and lock them all with Her little Master padlocks. So once put on there's no possiblilty to take them off.

By then Her next message has come in with the code of the current combination padlock locking Her little key cabinet. Under Her remote supervision I unlock the cabinet and put on the chastity belt and put the key back in the cabinet which is then closed with one of the combination padlocks lined up in the cabinet. In front of the camera I am showing the results for Her to judge.

From this moment I am under Her control, remotely. I know the rules, have to obey and act accordingly. If not I know it will have consequences, never know what but once in a punishment position I will normally soon notice. She might wait till She returns home for that, she might not and make me lock myself in the cage for an unspecified period.

Not just the chastity belt and cuffs, this time also the lockable leather corset, has to be put on. It is a way of making me aware even more that She's in control of my body, and once back home, it gives Her more possibilities to tie me up in submissive positions. Positions for Her pleasure, just to look at me, or to have my private parts available for Her without me being able to move.

But for now it's being under remote control, my Mistress is holding the strings..


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