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Snow White and her 7 slaves Part 2

13-11-2014 21:10
    The cages were designed so that it could be lifted off the ground. Snow White regularly ‘takes’ her slave as he remains locked in it, but then he is chained to the front bars, down on his knees, his arms spreaded far above his head, and his cock fixed and locked in a little pillory...

Snow White and her 7 slaves Part 1

07-11-2014 20:21
      Sweet as she always looked, with her beautiful and sensual appearance, as strict and demanding she actually was, but that was behind her lovely face. No one would see that side of hers just like that, it was her best kept secret. Only her slaves actually knew, they experienced...

For You

23-02-2014 21:37
  Deep is my love for You my precious Nothing above.   My dedication  to You Unmistakable nothing so true.   Your pleasure is one My rights  are non.

Sleep Tight

04-02-2014 23:05
  While You sleep tight, and the night goes by my cuffs are restrained, and my sight is dimmed Your power is around my body, and in my mind While You sleep tight, I am longing for serving You So badly.   Sleep well my Mistress. X  

The woman in you

30-01-2014 20:09
    The woman in you shows in every step catches my eye Makes my stomache tickle cannot just walk bye   The woman in you is in your touch and kiss feels so intense, so real so obvious, the way you make me feel   The woman in you being in charge experienced, and open to...


29-01-2014 20:39
    Thoroughly tied Nothing to hide I am Hers, teased She will be pleased      

Surrendered to Her - Part 5

13-05-2013 07:26
I must have slept long and very deep, the sun shining bright into the room made me waking up and I opened my eyes. I could hear the birds outside, but nothing else really. When I looked over to the other side of the bed I noticed that my lady wasn't lying next to me anymore, but that...

Surrendered to Her - Part 4

10-05-2013 23:53
The room where she finally brought me was very nicely decorated and on the left side there was a bar, and at that bar were more couples enjoying a drink and each others company... We sat there for I guess half an hour and through the walls you could here another kind of music, seemed more like...

My Mistress

10-05-2013 12:01
One day I’m bound to Her thoughts, Her demands Will behave to Her rules to all She wants  My faith is in Her hands my hands are tied  My body is Hers nothing to hide  Her pleasure and fulfillment I can only witness Today is that day cause she’s my Mistress

Surrendered to Her - Part 3

09-05-2013 18:07
  At seven in the morning the door opened again and I looked up hoping to see my gorgeous lady but no it was the man that left here yesterday night.... He looked me in the eye and had a grin on his face, walked straight to the cage and opened it. He took the lady out without saying a word,...
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