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Do as you should or..... !

23-01-2016 22:16
A good sub should obey and  follow up all the orders of his Mistress and I mean all !  Most of the time he will understand her without words. If not he needs to be punished in a way it pleases Her ....     I love to make him wear female  lingerie, stockings & high...

My rules

09-09-2015 14:29
          Without my consent you will never touch Me.   You will always meet Me on time.   You will greet Me humbly.   You will always make sure that your position is such that you look up at Me.   You will be well groomed....

Snow White and her 7 slaves Part 2

13-11-2014 21:10
    The cages were designed so that it could be lifted off the ground. Snow White regularly ‘takes’ her slave as he remains locked in it, but then he is chained to the front bars, down on his knees, his arms spreaded far above his head, and his cock fixed and locked in a little pillory...

Snow White and her 7 slaves Part 1

07-11-2014 20:21
      Sweet as she always looked, with her beautiful and sensual appearance, as strict and demanding she actually was, but that was behind her lovely face. No one would see that side of hers just like that, it was her best kept secret. Only her slaves actually knew, they experienced...

X mass sins

07-11-2014 16:12
  LittleSins surpises and wil seduce you with a very exclusive party on 3rd  X mas day, saturday december 27th. The secret location is a very exclusive one in ''de Randstad'' which will be turned into a beautifull  Wonderland with tempting Music & Party Area’s! After the busy X...

I Love Chastity

07-10-2014 20:21
My toyboy has been in chastity for over a week now, I only used him a few times for my own pleasure as you can see in my previous 2 blogs. I just love having full power over his sexuality and this feeling grows as days go by. During a chastity period,...

My Cage

06-10-2014 22:32
So many ways to get my sub where I want, this time I used my cage.                     

14 maart 2014 Party at Dreamcastle

29-09-2014 21:43
IV. Party at Dream Castle Geneva - 14.03.2015   Book for EUR 750 Only a few minutes away from the airport Geneva and providing an award-winning, French cuisine this castle will be the ideal venue for our international clients. The castle provides a limited number of double rooms...

New Years Eve Party

29-09-2014 21:30
  New Years Eve Party 2014 at the danube river Vienna / Bratisla   Attendance at this year’s New Year’s Party includes privileged access to the most exclusive rooms of the party location and the opportunity to move into one of the luxuriodouble rooms on the same floor. From...

22 november 2014 Castle Event Paris

29-09-2014 21:22
CASTLE A majestic palace, not far away from Paris, surrounded by impressive gardens, the ultimate embodiment of a french castle, already dignified kings used it as their retreat, is going to be the setting for our second to last party in year 2014. Once more our sparkling nights will awake a...
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